Sisk Veterinary Hospital

3900 Pelandale Ave #320
Modesto, CA 95356


Dog and Cat boarding - we have seven large indoor kennels (air-conditioned in summer and heat in winter) and four Cat Condos.Our staff walk our boarders 2-3 times a day, cats are allowed to play in the room as well. Please call for availability. Our charges for boarding dogs are  < 25 Lbs - $ 32.02 per day,  25 -50 lbs - $34.68/day, 50 -75lbs - $ 40.02/day,  >75 lbs $53.36/day  cats -$29.34 /day

Please bring your pets Bedding,food and favorite toys. we require flea control and following vaccinations for dogs 1) rabies 2)kennel cough 3) Distemper parvo combo 4) flu vacciantion

We give 20% discount on boarding if you get all the required vaccinations and flea control at the time of boarding. .