Sisk Veterinary Hospital

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Modesto, CA 95356


Science Diet Foods


Here at Sisk Veterinary Hospital we carry a variety of Science Diet and Prescription Diet foods to make it more accessible to the client and pet. We have both canned and dry options in office at all times. If we do not have what you need in stock, we can order it for your pet at no additional cost. 


Canine Options:



c/d® Canine

d/d® Canine

i/d® Canine

i/d® Low Fat Canine   

k/d® Canine           

Canine Metabolic

Canine Onc Care

w/d® Canine      

z/d® Canine 


a/d® Canine/Feline

c/d® Pate and Stew

Derm Complete Pate

i/d® Pate and Stew

i/d® Low Fat Pate

k/d® Pate and Stew

Canine Metabolic Pate and Stew

w/d® Pate

z/d® Pate


Feline Options: 



c/d® Feline

i/d® Feline

k/d® Feline

Feline Metabolic

m/d® Feline

w/d® Feline

z/d® Feline


a/d® Canine/Feline

c/d® Feline Pate and Stew

i/d® Feline Pate 

k/d® Feline Pate and Stew

Feline Metabolic Pate

z/d® Feline Pate